Responsive image display

Fitness Swipe slider

Fitness Swipe

A heavily modified version of the responsive slider by w3cwidgets. Incorporating a sticky responsive menu this has been pretty well tested out on most modern desktop browsers, mobile iOS products and Android Chrome. Animations, swipe and pagination feature in this nicely featured ready-to-go site.


By w3widgets

Plus Gallery

Responsive thumbnail image view

This is a great slideshow. The images are uploaded from your Google (Picasa) account once it is "Shared" to the public. Thumbnails are created automatically and best of all - the slideshow is responsive.

jQuery 1.7.2

By Pluse Gallery

2 block responsive product slider

2 block responsive image slider

An app-style website that gloriously shows off products in two blocks. Adopted from the great article and tutorial from CodyHouse, this deveopmental site also features the off-canvas menu first seen on the Codrops site. Slick, responsive and very very nice to look at.


By Codyhouse and Codrops

Gilbitron Ideal Gallery

Responsive swipe friendly image slider

An HTML5/SEO friendly slider that is fully responsive to retain width and proportion of the images. Retina friendly with 2x resolution possible. Touch enabled and keyboard navigation finish it off. The slideshow pauses on hover and also shows the navigation arrows at the same time. Nice.

Vanilla js

By Gilbitron

Simple Fullscreen Background Image Slideshow

Simple Full Screen Background Slideshow

A simple background slideshow with swipe capability that pulls images using the data attribute into a slideshow


By Tutorialzine


Swipe capable full width, responsive image slideshow

A nice full-width responsive slideshow with swipe capability and pagination.

Also check out this Piccante-tailored version with navigation arrows left and right




Responsive image gallery

A beautiful, responsive lightbox. Youtube and Vimeo integration is possible. Commercial licences may be necessary.

Note that the close ('x') icon is very small on some devices

jQuery 1.11.1

By Fresco.js

Responsive Slides

Responsive slides image viewer

This versatile gallery has slide show, numerical pagination, caption or thumbnail options. Modified and shown in the Piccante Web website as our special limited edition photography site for sale

jQuery 1.8

By @viljamis

Responsive Slides with media queries for screen width and retina detection

Responsive slides image viewer

Full page width, serving only the image size required by your device to save on bandwidth and reduce page load time. A sweet solution for a high-end website. Image costs per slide may be more than HKD$28 per image as each image must be edited into 8 suitable sizes. Remember that your minimum image size must also ideally be at least 2560 x 1800 px

This slideshow also uses the excellent picturefill.js plugin, thanks to Scott Jehl.

jQuery 1.8

By @viljamis

Wookmark Masonry demos


A nifty grid using Masonry that has several options for viewing, including a lightbox.


By Wookmark

Responsive Google Grid

Responsive Google Grid viewer

A nifty grid using Masonry that enlarges into a slider. Responsive - another beauty from Codrops.

Note that the images are truncated in landscape orientation of some mobile devices, a better option might be the Masonry plugin

No jQuery

By Tympanus (Codrops)



A responsive carousel-style slider with non-infinite looping. There could be the possibility to integrate a modal popup or lightbox style image to view a larger picture, untested at this time.

Note that the buttons (controls) are rather difficult to use on smaller devices

jQuery 1.10 min

By Anowave

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