Nice Gallery client instructions

1. Login to your Flickr account using login details that Piccante Web Design has provided you.

2. Navigate to You > Albums and select the album that you want to add photos to, or edit.

3. To upload a photo, click the "cloud" icon (top right) and select photos you want to add. Add a description as this will appear in the image gallery and you can change the file name to also represent the photo. Select "Upload _ Photo" (top right). The photo should be "public" by default - the photo must be "public" to be viewed on your website. To ensure all NiceGallery info is displayed, be sure to add "tags" as well as image title and info.

Note that photos that are too large can affect the web page's performance as loading time will be too high. Photos should be around 1MB as a maximum - and optimised for the web if possible. Photos that are too small will not appear in high enough resolution on the website though, so it is a balancing act! I suggest images around 1200-2500 pixels along the longest edge as a guide.

4. Photos can be deleted if not needed or re-ordered. To re-order, click "Edit in Organizr" when inside the Album you wish to change. Drag and drop the photos in the order required.

Note that it might take a browser 'refresh' or clearing the history to view the new photos on the website.