Mega menus

Codyhouse - mega responsive menu

Codyhouse mega responsive menu

A responsive menu that features several ways of displaying sub menus - through slideout secondary menus and icons


By Codyhouse

Mega menu

Soh Tanaka mega menu

Got a lot to say? Heaps of pages? Then this mega menu could be for you. Kermit green certainly grabs your attention, though we could change that for you of course.

jQuery 1.3.1

By Soh Tanaka

Big orange grid menu

Disjointed rollover menu

Similar to the mega menu, the big orange grid menu offers sub-menus in lists. The parent menu items are animated, and you could find yourself chasing them round a bit, but we thought it was definitely worth including in our collection.

jQuery 1.4.2

Found on HTML drive. Author to be confirmed.

Infogrid menu


A little imagination might be required to clear the superheroes from this menu and put your products or lists, but it will be worth it! Quite useful for quickly comparing (or expanding) information of a number of products.

jQuery 1.4.2

By CSS Tricks.

Blue print mega menu

Another click action mega menu

A responsive mega menu, more great work from Tympanus Blueprints.

jQuery 1.9.1

By Tympanus

Click action mega menu

Click action mega menu

Great for those touch devices, nice job from Script Tutorials.

jQuery 1.4.2

By Script Tutorials

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