Simple Lightbox

Simple Lightbox swiper

A winner. Thumbnails appear in a masonry effect and it works with two galleries or more galleries too. Or, version 2 with horizontal masonry using simple ul and li - which is ok as long as you don't mind losing some image top and bottom..


By Andre Knieriem.


Swipebox gallery

Multiple galleries the nice feature of this touch capable gallery. Added a CSS masonry effect for the thumbnails which makes it a lot more useable. Refined by Mosne to achieve better lightbox aesthetics. Note: A workaround for the .js file will be needed to avoid a 'loop' of background images when trying to close the swiper. "Scobbleme's" solution seems to work AND then I had to add the following line: location.reload(true); otherwise the window was unable to be scrolled after closing it down. This causes the page to reload every time the gallery closes... NOT GOOD! Around line 606 of the jquery file I had to add:

closeSlide : function () { $( 'html' ).removeClass( 'swipebox-html' ); $( 'html' ).removeClass( 'swipebox-touch' ); $( window ).trigger( 'resize' ); location.reload(true); this.destroy(); if(event){ event.preventDefault(); } },


Based on Swipebox byBrutal Design.


Justiswipe Flickr slider

Quite file-intensive but it ticks all the boxes. Best so far. Supports albums (and multiple albums on one page), captions, swipe capable and uses the very tidy justified.js for thumbnail layout and the photoswipe.js libraries for function. Not a bad page download time either, only 1.2 seconds for intial load on Chrome!


By Peter Fabian.

Aino Flickr-feed Galleria

Aino Flickr Galleria slider

Caution - won't load on mobile devices after modification? A super gallery / slider that pulls images from your flickr photoset (not just the author). Simply upload your photos to your flickr account, create a set and let us know the set number. Includes a info (caption) from filename. Organise the order that they appear in by modifying in Flickr Organiser. Fullscreen now as modified by Piccante recently. The only down side? No swipe capability, but the other benefits must outweight this?


By Aino Galleria.

Files Photo Gallery

Files gallery

A paid option to remove the licence pop-up.


By Files Gallery.


Bookblock flip viewer

Flipbook style page turner.... swipe capable, can include HTML text and images.


By Tympanus

Nice Gallery

Nice-gallery Flickr image viewer

Pulls images from a Flickr account into a gallery. Image viewer lightbox is a bit over the top?


By Lukasz Czerwinski


S-gallery responsive swipe image viewer

This beautiful gallery works relatively well in touch devices, has a full screen mode and smooth transitions. Thumbnails or full image modes are available.

jQuery 1.8

By Sara Soueidan

Galleriffic viewer

Galleriffic viewer

A really versatile gallery viewer... instead of using thumbnails to view the larger image we can replace these with links (text based).

jQuery 1.3.2

Original code by Trent Foley



Very capable slider that is demonstrated on our Riverside Accommodation website. Thumbnails created automatically from a folder on the web (not Flickr or other feed) - so it will require the ability for the user to FTP to an album folder.


Nice job by Foliopages.

Trung Ho Masonry-style Flickr-feed Galleria

Trung Ho Flickr Feed slider

A nice gallery using masonry style display that pulls images from a Flickr account. Easy to set up and get the API. Downside at the moment - doesn't support albums (have to load from the Flickr 'author' account) and there is no caption support at the moment. The "lightbox" has been trimmed down and is now good - great because it is swipe supported in fact.


By Trung Ho.

Uber Gallery - single gallery - add your own images!

Uber Gallery

An excellent gallery from Chris Kankiewicz - enabling anyone to upload their own images. An excellent compliment to a Content Editing System


By Chris Kankiewicz.

Uber Multiple Gallery - add your own image to multiple galleries on one page!

Uber Gallery

Another example of this excellent gallery from Chris Kankiewicz - enabling anyone to upload their own images. The gallery creates it's own thumbnails and is organised into two or more galleries. Another excellent compliment to a Content Editing System


By Chris Kankiewicz.

Barack image viewer

Barack viewer

A Moo-tools viewer based on the viewer originally seen on the Barack Obama campaign website. Suitable for a small list of images as the menu is not expandable.


Author link credit to be added. If you are the author, or know of the author please contact us. We are working to add appropriate credits as soon as we can.

Orbit image viewer

orbit viewer

A lightweight ultra-simple slideshow. The demo shoes no autoplay, no numbers, no captions - just a 'next' and 'previous' icon. There are options for these however, should you want them.

jQuery 1.4.1

By Zurb

Sideways image viewer

Sideways viewer

An impressive gallery that really does occupy the entire screen. Not suitable for users with dial-up connections... are there any still out there?!?! The launch version of this gallery was a bit buggy, but we've included it because we hope that improvements will be made to stabilise the script.

jQuery 1.4

By Malihu

Slideshow with thumbnails

Slideshow viewer

A smart viewer that allows an infinite number of thumbnails displayed below the main image which is capable of auto-playing as a slideshow. Many different slide transitions are available - mosaics, wipes, curtain effect and blind effects too

jQuery 1.4

By HTML drive

Circular Navigation

Circular navigation viewer

A slick navigation gallery that gives a circular "peek" (thumbnail) at the next and previous image. Supports captions.

jQuery 1.5+

By Codrops

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