Welcome to piccante.co - the resource website for clients of Piccante Web Design.

We have collected some of the finest menus, navigation systems, image viewers, galleries, sliders, accordions, stock photography sites and various other web tools for the benefit of our clients. A great hunting ground for ideas, possibilities and options to help visualise solutions for any website.

In some cases these scripts have been gathered from a variety of sources and where appropriate they have been credited with their original authors. We have made every effort to locate the original source of these tools, however, this has not always been possible. If there is an omission, please contact us and we will update this site with the appropriate credit and backlink. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the creators (where appropriate) for these works and acknowledge the talent and generosity of these people to have put their work online for the enjoyment and benefit of others. If any author would like their work removed from this site please contact us.

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